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September 18th, 2023

Time: 7:30 pm
Location: First Baptist Church
Please Join Us!
Concert is open to the public & free of charge

On September 19th 2022 the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council will present the 12th annual PRISM concert at the First Baptist Church of North Augusta. The concert will begin at 7:30 pm and is free to the public. Savannah River Winds, conducted by Richard D.Brasco, will be the featured performers at the concert. One of the selections will be a recently published piece commissioned by SRW in honor of one of their charter members. The name of the selection is, “Into Heaven’s Hands”. This piece was written to honor the memory of Ms. Terry Jenkins.

Ms. Jenkins was a life long native of North Augusta. She attended the North Augusta schools and went on to receive her college degree from the University of South Carolina. She spent her entire teaching career as a band director at North Augusta Middle school. After her retirement, she continued teaching at Meade Hall in Aiken, SC. After a long and courageous battle with breast cancer, Ms. Jenkins, passed away on a Christmas morning a little over three years ago.

INTO HEAVEN’S HANDS was composed by David Shaffer and published by C.L. Barnhouse Publishers. This piece was premiered last February by Savannah River Winds. It has been reprogrammed for this upcoming concert for the community of North Augusta for those persons who knew Ms. Jenkins or may have been one of her students, and were not to able to attend the original premiere last February.


The trill of woodwinds . . . the blare of brass . . . the pop of percussion . . .


These are some of the sounds that combine to create orchestral music, one of the most thrilling art forms on earth — a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. But each instrument is fascinating in its own right — a small piece of the puzzle that adds a distinctive touch to the big picture of a musical selection. Exploring those individual sounds — then bringing them all together for a profoundly unique experience — is the premise of North Augusta’s annual PRISM Concert, presented by the Savannah River Winds.


Just as a prism breaks light into its component colors, so a PRISM concert separates the wind ensemble into its component sections. At the beginning of the concert, the various instrumental sections of the ensemble will perform separately, allowing the audience to hear the various ‘colors.’ A musical selection or two will be performed by each of the band’s sections, such as the percussion, trumpets, trombones or woodwinds. Then, the full ensemble will perform several selections demonstrating the sounds associated with the combination of the individual groups.

Richard D. Brasco, director of the Savannah River Winds, will serve as conductor. For more information about the Savannah River Winds, visit

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