Spring has definitely sprung in North Augusta!


Now that the annual Masters golf tournament has returned to full capacity and successfully coated its 86th champion, Scottie Scheffler, the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council is celebrating another “win” off the golf course!


Pro golfer Kevin Kisner, and his wife, Brittany,  through their family foundation, selected the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council to receive a $10,000 grant to provide dance scholarships to disadvantaged students in our community.  What a remarkable way to celebrate the rites of spring, giving the NACAC a new and meaningful way to engage local students into the arts!


The “Gift of Dance” grant is a first for the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council.  The board of directors has already established a committee to oversee the awards process  to assure the Kisner Foundation that the directives are fully accomplished in accordance with the scholarship guidelines set forth by the NACAC. 


Student scholarship applications can be retrieved through our website – or on site at either one of North Augusta’s dance studios, then mailed to the NACAC for consideration.


Most sincerely,

Kathryn Martin

 - September 19th, 2022

 - November 7th, 2022

Teacher Grants!


Uyen Griffis

Early Learning Special Needs Teacher and Devonne McKie, Kindergarten Teacher. Both are from Hammond Hills Elementary. Their project  was titled "There's a Leader in Me" and. involves creating one of a kind art canvases using the seven leadership habits that they have studied..


Megan Gee

Music Teacher at Belvedere Elementary.  Her project was "Performing during a Pandemic"  which involves musical virtual performances for parents, teachers, and shared on school web pages.


Heather Hargrove

Art Teacher at Belvedere Elementary.  Her project  was called "Hey! That's my Mat! Her project involved obtaining individual clay mats for students in creating their own clay projects. 


Rachel Polvadore & Meredith Noland

Art Teachers at North Augusta High School.  Their project involved "" Fiber Arts and Sewing"  using dress forms for several different projects and across multiple courses.

Each year, WE work hard to provide the community with a wide range of events.
These events serve as a platform for artists to showcase their talents, students to develop their skills and patrons to join together in support of the arts.
Events range from art shows, live theater productions, outdoor concerts and student talent shows.

We are proud to partner with several organizations and many individuals to help fund projects, give financial support to students, award teachers grants and provide a variety of other financial needs to the North Augusta community.

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