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SpringFest 2023, a dazzling display of some of the finest artwork in the area located in the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center with a reception and announcement of winners.

March 2023, 9th to the 30th


Drop off time

Friday March 3rd, 10 am to 4 pm

Monday March 6, 10 am to 4 pm


Click Here for Visual Arts Incoming Loan Agreement

Competition Guidelines

1.    Maximum of two (2) submissions per individual with a $25 entry fee.

2.  All entries will be eligible for the Best in Show, First, Second, and Third Place awards.

3.  3-D art will be accepted in the Art Competition but must not weigh more than 50lbs. Pedestals will be provided by the Arts and Heritage Center. 

4.  Any artwork that has been exhibited in a previous SpringFest Art Competition or displayed in the Arts and Heritage Center will not be accepted. By entering the contest, the artist certifies that their artwork is original and does not infringe upon any third-party rights.

5.  Winning entries will be announced during the Reception at The Arts and Heritage Center. The Reception will be held on Thursday, March 16, 2023 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. This reception is free and open to the public.


Competition Terms and Conditions

1.    Traditional, contemporary, impressionist, and abstract works of art are welcome. Two-dimensional works will be considered in all media including, but not limited to, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, pastel, pencil and photography. Art must be original. No giclee prints please.

2.    Artwork must be framed and securely wired for hanging. Gallery-wrapped canvases (with painted sides) are also acceptable. The use of plexi-glass is strongly recommended. The festival committee will not be responsible for glass breakage. Work not adequately prepared for display will be disqualified.

3.    Framed artwork should weigh no more than 50 pounds. Artwork must be completely dry upon delivery.

4.    Artist name, address, phone number, e-mail address and sale price or insurance value must be clearly labeled on the back of the submission. If the artwork is not for sale, please clearly write NFS and then write the insurance value between parentheses on the label on the back of the artwork – example: NFS ($400)

5.    Work must be submitted with a completed AHCNA Loan agreement.

6.    All properly submitted artwork will be publicly displayed at the Arts and Heritage Center to March 30, 2023. The Arts and Heritage Center is in the NA Municipal Center, 100 Georgia Avenue, in downtown North Augusta.


Judging and Awards

1.    The winner of the Best in Show Award will be awarded a cash prize of $300. First Place will be awarded a $250 cash prize, Second Place will be awarded a $150 cash prize and Third Place will be awarded a $100 cash prize. Ribbons will be awarded for winners and Honorable Mentions.

2.    All decisions by the judge are final and non-disputable.

3.    Notifications and cash awards will be mailed to the winning artists within two weeks of selection.

4.    Photographs of the winning artworks may be used for future NACAC publicity or promotional materials. Credit will be given to the artist.


Entry, Delivery and Pickup

1.    Entries may be hand delivered to the Arts and Heritage Center, to the attention of the Executive Director, Arts and Heritage Center, 100 Georgia Avenue, North Augusta, SC 29841 between 10 AM and 4 PM on March 3rd and 6th. If other arrangements need to be made please contact the director at The Arts and Heritage Center:

2.    All entries must be received by March 6 at 4 PM and must include an entry fee of $25 per artist. Either checks or cash are accepted and checks should be made payable to North Augusta Cultural Arts Council.

3.    All entries not sold must be picked up at the Arts and Heritage Center on March 31 between 10 AM and 4 PM. If other arrangements need to be made please contact the director at The Arts and Heritage Center

4.    Please complete the attached AHCNA Loan agreement. Bring this with you when you drop off your artwork.

5.    Items not picked up after the deadline for pickup may be subject to a storage fee or become the property of the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council.



1.    All work will be available for sale unless otherwise noted.

2.    The Arts and Heritage Center will retain a 30% commission from each sale.

3.    Artists should clearly mark the sale price of their work.

4.    Any artwork not for sale should be clearly marked NFS, and the insurance value should be listed on the entry form.

5.    Prices may not be changed during the show and works sold may not be removed until after the show.


The Arts and Heritage Center is an exhibition facility and has very little storage space. The AHC cannot store exhibition pieces that have not been retrieved after an exhibit. Artists who exhibit at the AHC are provided with the dates of the exhibit and dates for retrieval of exhibit material. Artists must comply with these deadlines and remove exhibited material within the designated time frame unless prior arrangements are made in writing with the Executive Director. The AHC’s procedure for exhibit material that is not picked up on time is:

       I.           A telephone call and/or email notification will be made to the artist on two occasions within four weeks following the end of the retrieval period.

     II.           A certified letter to the artist, including a copy of the Loan Agreement they signed, will be sent four weeks after the end of the pickup period:

a.      Stating that the artist may incur a storage charge of up to $5.00 a day if the art is not picked up within the next two (2) weeks.      

b.      Stating that, in the absence of a prior written agreement with the Executive Director for an extension of the pickup deadline, unclaimed work left longer than two (2) months after the scheduled retrieval deadline for the exhibit for which it was submitted, will become the property of the AHC.

c.      Stating that after two occurrences of artwork not being retrieved in a timely manner, the artist will be removed from the list of juried artists at the AHC and the AHC’s Gift Shop, and will not be allowed to exhibit in the future.



Artwork can be sold from the exhibit floor at the request of the owner/artist. There is a 30% commission from sales in this exhibit at the AHC. Seventy (70) percent of the sale goes to the owner/agent and the AHC retains thirty (30) percent of the sale price. There is no sales tax on sales processed through the AHC. Artwork that is purchased cannot be removed by the new owner until the completion of the exhibit, unless otherwise agreed to by the Executive Director.


Thank You for supporting the arts in North Augusta!


For more information, please contact John Bigger at  or (803) 278-1805.


For questions regarding the delivery, pickup and art sales contact Mary Anne Bigger at the Arts and Heritage Center at 803-441-4380 or email at



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